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While season three of “Rectify” may have just ended, fans can catch some of their favorite cast members from the Peabody Award-winning series at the “Rectify” Short Film Festival on Five new shorts produced, created and/or headlined by the cast of “Rectify” have just been added to the line-up and can be found at


The short films joining the “Rectify” Short Film Festival are:


Spanola Pepper Sauce Company

This heartwarming story explores the life of Tookie Spanola, the founder and owner of the Spanola Pepper Sauce Company, and some of the changes that have taken effect during his tenure.

  • Directed by Ray McKinnon (“Rectify” creator/executive producer/writer/director) and starring Graham Gordy (a “Rectify” staff writer on season 1)


The Order

Third generation soldier Bill O’Brien returns from Vietnam with the onerous duty of informing the wife of a childhood friend that her husband has been killed in action. He decides to fabricate a posthumous award for the widow’s benefit, but as he prepares to formally covey the Crown’s condolences, he is haunted by an omen from their childhood that lays bare the true casualties of God, king and country.

  • Directed by Aden Young (Daniel Holden in “Rectify”)
  • Won Best Original Music for a Short Film at the 1999 Australian Screen Music Awards


Everything All at Once

A young woman rides the train alone with a head full of problems, recalling a suffocating car ride with her mother, aunt and grandmother. She begrudgingly navigates their feelings and memories as they try to identify the incessant beep coming from somewhere in the car.

  • Starring J. Smith-Cameron (Janet Talbot in “Rectify”) and featuring an all-female cast
  • Won the Grand Jury Prize for Narrative Short Film at the 2015 Lighthouse International Film Festival
  • Click here to view a never-before-seen trailer for Everything All at Once.



One evening, Esther breaks the surface of a deep sleep to find herself bound to a chair and her husband, Dean, praying on the floor.  Brandishing a semi-automatic pistol, he begins their conversation with a simple question: “Who is Tony?” Dean has recently returned from the front lines of the war in Iraq and uncovered Esther’s affair. Dean has done his homework, and there is no denying his relentless interrogation. Still… is everything what it seems?  The events of the evening take us through an emotional wilderness filled with betrayal, love, deception, redemption and murder.

  • Starring Sharon Conley (D.A. Sondra Person in “Rectify”)

·         Won Best Dramatic Short (Bronze Lens Film Festival & St. Louis Film Critics Association); Best Actress – Sharon Conley (St. Louis Film Critics Association); Best Director – David Martyn Conley (St. Louis Film Critics Association)


Mexican in the Closet

Loosely based on a true story; an unhappy wife plots to kill her husband with help from an immigrant day laborer she hides in her closet.

  • Starring Kim Wall (Marcy in “Rectify”)
  • Won the Audience Award at the 2008 Atlanta Film Festival


These five short films join these previously launched shorts in the “Rectify” Short Film Festival: the Oscar®-winning The Accountant (Ray McKinnon); The Rose of Ba Ziz (Aden Young); Here and Now (Abigail Spencer); Pas De Restes (Johnny Ray Gill); and The Birthday Present (Sean Bridgers).


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