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The Weekly Podcast Has Reached 10 Million Downloads

The Rich Eisen Kickoff Special Airs September 3rd on NFL Network

The Rich Eisen Podcast has reached a podcast milestone: 10 million downloads.

The latest editions of the weekly podcast featuring the multi-talented Larry David and actor Matt Damon were a part of the historic achievement. The two Hollywood Icons were in-studio for the filming for The Rich Eisen Kickoff Special which will air September 3rd on NFL Network. Kevin Costner will also be a part of the television event.


Audio is now available to download on iTunes for both the David and Damon interviews. 


Larry David on The Rich Eisen Podcast 

As soon as Larry David sat down with Eisen, the host of Thursday Night Football and NFL GameDay Morning, David jumped right into his favorite subject – his beloved New York Jets. Like other Jets fans, he voiced his frustration with head coach Rex Ryan.

“My big problem with Rex was last year,” said the executive producer of Seinfeld. “When he made the Super Bowl pronouncement… that was too much.”

Though quarterback Mark Sanchez is a lightning rod for media and fan criticism, David actually sympathizes with the four-year NFL veteran and the other Jets who are under consistent scrutiny. “I would be a terrible sports guy on the radio because I feel sorry for all of them.”

The Emmy-award winner even forgives Sanchez for the infamous ‘butt fumble’ from last Thanksgiving. David asks the audience,  “You have never made a mistake? He never saw him.”

Being an NFL fan isn’t David’s only aspiration. “If they gave me a chance, I could turn the fortunes of a team around. I am the only guy who could defend my offense.”

During his appearance with Eisen, David also discusses Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, how he would act as an NFL owner, his unique role in his new HBO movie Clear History and, most importantly, the future plans for the ultra-popular Curb Your Enthusiasm television series.

Click here for the interview: Larry David


Matt Damon on The Rich Eisen Podcast 

Boston native and New England Patriots fan Matt Damon also joined Rich Eisen in-studio. During his second appearance on the podcast, Damon wasn’t shy about his admiration for Patriots quarterback, and three-time Super Bowl Champion, Tom Brady.

“Any season you have with him, it is a Super Bowl team,” Damon proclaimed.

With Brady turning 36 years old this month, Damon, and all Patriots fans, know the end of the career is looming for the two-time NFL MVP. “We try to appreciate each year we have because some day he is not going to be the quarterback.”

Is the Academy Award winner worried about the loss of wide receiver Wes Welker? “It is a bummer. He is irreplaceable in many ways. I sent an e-mail to Brady telling him I was available.”

Damon’s new movie Elysium debuts in theaters this weekend. Elysium is a futuristic movie and the plot revolves around the people on Earth striving to get to a new land, Elysium – the home of the more fortunate.

“I have never done a science-fiction action movie and I’ve always wanted to,” admitted Damon.

Damon goes on to discuss the New York Jets, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, and much more with Eisen.

Click here for the interview: Matt Damon

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