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(Stamford, CT–March 9, 2012)–NBC UNIVERSAL’s THE STEVE WILKOS SHOW has been nominated for a PRISM AWARD for “Best Talk Show” for its show “Heroin: Shot Up By Mom at 13.”
The showfeatured a young girl named Deserae who was introduced to heroin when her addicted mother shot her up with the opiate at the age of 13.
For years since the incident first occurred, Deserae has wanted to confront her past so she can advance in her future by finally getting clean. She attempted to move on with the help of her foster mother but would always relapse back to drug use, especially when her biological mother came around.
THE STEVE WILKOS SHOW focused on Deserae and her heroin addiction to illustrate the raw picture of what addiction looks like when it’s caused by the hands of a family member. This story is a case of a daughter yearning for her mother’s affection and the only way to get it was to engage in drug use with her. Steve helped Deserae address and face those demons so she could successfully enter and complete rehab to begin living a sober life with a fresh start.
The Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. (EIC)/The PRISM Awards honor TV, movie, music, DVD and comic book entertainment that accurately depicts drug, alcohol and tobacco use and addiction, as well as mental health issues. The Nomination Review Committee of over 80 representatives of both the entertainment industry and health field, selected nominees from over 400 productions submitted.
EIC, a non-profit organization, was founded in 1983 by leaders of the entertainment industry to bring the power and influence of the industry to bear on communication about health and social issues. The organization is considered to be the chief pioneer of entertainment outreach and one of the premiere success stories in the field of entertainment education. EIC provides information resources for entertainment creators through innovative and time-proven services and methods of “encouraging the art of making a difference” from within the entertainment industry. EIC produces the simulcast national television special PRISM Awards Showcase which addresses accurate portrayals of prevention, treatment and recovery from drug, alcohol and tobacco use, and mental health concerns. The organization also produces the S.E.T Awards, honoring positive and non-stereotypical portrayals of science, engineering and technology.
EIC also addresses issues such as diabetes, ADHD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, foster care, women’s health, firearm safety and injury prevention, sun safety and skin cancer prevention, human trafficking, terrorism and homeland security, eating disorders and obesity, seat belt use and traffic safety, and HIV/AIDS prevention. The organization has also launched an initiative to increase the public profile and interest in science, engineering and technology. EIC’s web site is The PRISM Awards web site is
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