Numbers for both parts of the finale on BBC first, then numbers for Part 1 on BBC America…

Part 1 of  David Tennant’s final bow as the Doctor in  “End of Time”  drew 10 million viewers on Christmas Day and and part 2 averaged 10.4 million on New Year’s night.   But the Christmas day numbers on BBC were down from Christmas airings in 2008 (11.7 million) and 2007 (12.4 million).

Please note, for now, the data below is only for “End of Time” part 1 which aired on BBC America on December 26, 2009 at 9pm. The data for part 2 will not be available before Monday and maybe not until Tuesday (or even Wednesday should there be any delays due to the New Year holiday), but I will update this post with that info when I see it.

I didn’t see any demographic data part 1, but the viewing averages for the three airings on BBCA last weekend were:

  • Saturday 9p-10:15p: 671,000
  • Sunday 12:00a-1:15a: 198,000
  • Sunday 3:30a-4:45a:  35,000

The three episode total of 904,000 put it  behind the pace of  the “Waters of Mars”  episode on BBCA on December 19 when three airings combined for 1.1 million, with the first generating 803,000.  Unlike “Waters of Mars” which aired on BBCA more than a month after its UK premiere, both parts of “End of Time” aired on BBCA only a day after they aired in the UK.

Still, the 671,000 for the first airing of part 1 was the most watched program on BBCA for that week, followed by “Doctor Who: Inside Look” with 497,000 and a rebroadcast of “Waters of Mars” with  293,000.   A four hour telecast of The Great Escape on Christmas night was next averaging 220,000.

Update: Part 2 averaged 1.015 million on BBCA.

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