Early metered market household ratings of the primetime portion (9-11pm Eastern) of the Lost finale suggest that the average viewership for that portion of the show is likely to be in the range of 11.5 – 13.0 million viewers. No data as yet on the 11-11:30pm portion of the show.

That’s based on comparing the metered market household ratings for recent Lost episodes to the 8.7 metered market household rating for the 9-11pm portion reported by Marc Berman.

Here are the half hour metered market household ratings as reported by Berman:

Lost: The Final Journey (ABC)
7:00 p.m.: 6.5/12 (#1t)
7:30 p.m.: 6.2/11 (#2)
8:00 p.m.: 6.8/11 (#1)
8:30 p.m.: 7.3/12 (#1)

Lost: The End (ABC)
9:00 p.m.: 8.7/13 (#1)
9:30 p.m.: 8.7/13 (#1)
10:00 p.m.: 8.7/13 (#1)
10:30 p.m.: 8.7/14 (#1)

Half hour results were remarkably stable.

Note these are NOT adults 18-49 ratings that we typically report on our site. We should have the fast affiliate adults 18-49 ratings and viewership data as usual on the site sometime before 9am Pacific (noon Eastern) time.

For comparison here are the metered market household ratings for the Celebrity Apprentice finale.

The Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)
9:00 p.m.: 6.2/ 9 (#3)
9:30 p.m.: 6.6/10 (#2)
10:00 p.m.: 7.1/11 (#2)
10:30 p.m.: 7.6/12 (#2)

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