Early metered market results (household ratings only, no demo or total viewer numbers yet – check back after 8:30a PT) indicate that Glee was solid, outperforming last year’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen that ran in the slot by more than 100% and that NCIS was up a tiny bit and NCIS: LA was down 19% for its two hour premiere vs. last year’s one hour premiere.

ABC newcomer Detroit 1-8-7 opened up 15% better than last year’s now cancelled The Forgotten.

Fox’s comedy might not have lived up to their names ratings wise, but are not poised to bomb as badly as Lone Star did on Monday night.  We’ll have to see the demos.  Same for The Biggest Loser and Parenthood

Here are the numbers:

NCIS: 12.2 HH rating, up 3% from last year’s premiere

NCIS:LA: 9.3 HH rating, down 19% from last year’s premiere

Glee: 8.5 HH rating (up 124% vs. hour 1 of Hell’s Kitchen premiere last fall, no comparison to Glee premiere available)  Update: Julia dug up some past early metered market numbers for Glee, here they are: Season finale for Glee on June 8th: 7.7/12. Last episode behind American Idol: 8.2/12. Fall premiere: 4.5/7. Premiere week episode: 4.1/6.

Raising Hope: 4.9 HH rating

Running Wilde: 3.9 HH rating

(by comparison, the second hour of Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen premiere last year scored a 4.3 HH rating)

8pm Dancing With The Stars: 8.6 HH rating

9p Dancing With The Stars: 12.7 HH rating  (the Hoff got hassled and these DWTS ratings were up 18% from last year)

Detroit 1-8-7: 7.1 HH rating (up 15% from the premiere of the cancelled The Forgotten)

Biggest Loser: 4.6 HH rating

Parenthood: 4.3 HH rating

One Tree Hill: 1.6 HH rating

Life Unexpected: 1.2 HH rating

We should have our regular overnight ratings report approximately 8:30am Pacific time here.

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