Below is a comment posted on our blog yesterday by “Chris”.  I don’t know Chris, but I don’t think he has it in for Dollhouse either, having predicted its 13 episode pickup for season two as early as March 14, 2009.

Given how bad the ratings have been, I doubt the notion of needing to improve the ratings or risk being pulled off the air are rumor-mongering, especially with Dollhouse writer (and Jed Whedon’s wife), the multi-talented  Maurissa Tancharoen posting things on her Twitter account which might be seen as “HELP!!! PLEASE HELP!!!” messages if you’re prone to reading not all that deeply between the lines.

One thing is for sure, Dollhouse  definitely won’t air on 10/16 because of a baseball playoff game.   How important is Dollhouse’s numbers for this Friday (10/9)  to whether it is back on the schedule on 10/23?  We won’t have to wait long to find out…

Here’s yesterday’s comment from “Chris”:

God, I can’t say who I am (publically) but here’s what I know and I will stand by this and bet money it will be confirmed:

There was a meeting today in which staff were basically told ratings need to go UP in order to get a hold and come back on the 23rd, stay the same and they’d consider.. though likely haitus, and if it goes down, it’s out.

Advertisers were basically told that as far as month-by-month ad-buy ins for the network Fox’s schedule has some changes in it, including Fox being TBA for Friday nights after the 23rd.

Fox is concerned that the problem with Dollhouse isn’t fixable, and that they believe that they might have better options Friday night.

That includes a lot of talk about rotating “Glee” to a repeat on Friday night to give it a double-viewing for a while to pickup steam in a show it really believes in, and that it sees as a potential money train.

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