Lifetime has the re-run rights to air ABC’s “Wife Swap” but according to The Washington Post’s Lisa de Moraes Lifetime has elected to opt out of ratings gold.  An episode featuring the Heene family that was previously scheduled to air next Thursday has been scrapped:

Next Thursday’s rerun episode of “Wife Swap” was sure to attract a lot of viewers who had not seen the episode when it first foisted the Heenes on an unsuspecting public, back in October of 2008 on ABC.

And yet Lifetime now says it has scrubbed plans to run the episode and has no plans to reschedule it “in the near future, at this time.” It was pulled, a Lifetime rep told The TV Column, “once we determined” the Heene family had perpetrated their stupendous hoax.

“Given the incident that occurred last week, we felt it was inappropriate to air at this time,” the Lifetime rep said.

Moraes spends several paragraphs pondering Lifetime’s decision.

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