I got an e-mail asking why I hadn’t posted the info for last night’s episode of Men Of a Certain Age, so I responded because, “I hadn’t seen it yet.”  And they wrote back “Hibberd has it posted!”  So I wrote back, “Thanks!”

Fifteen minutes later I get another e-mail, “It’s still not on your site! Why not?”

Rather than responding again, I’m just doing this post.   It’s a case of still not having enough data yet.  Hibberd posted the numbers, but it’s not possible for me to do much analysis on them, because he left out a piece of data I’d find critical in making sense of Men’s numbers — namely how The Closer did.

The 19% drop off by itself for Men is not surprising or concerning by itself.  Shows usually drop after heavily promoted premieres.  But the thing I was looking for specifically is whether The Closer was up, down, or the same as last week.  If it’s down or the same, then Men’s second week numbers don’t mean anything significant to me, and like the people at Turner, I’ll be waiting to see additional weeks’ results.

But, if The Closer was up (last week’s Closer was a little light ratings-wise), depending on  by how much  might influence how I felt about Men’s numbers last night.

Plus, Hibberd’s post said:  The Ray Romano dramedy drew 4.4 million viewers and ranked as the most-watched non-sports program on basic cable Monday night.

I find it impossible to believe that The Closer was less-watched than Men. So, I was waiting.  Still waiting…

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