Update: we hear from NBC that  apparently the difference in ABC’s claims and NBCs is that ABC’s number only was taking scripted shows into consideration.  I’m not sure if that includes Sunday in the mix, but ABC didn’t include Friday at 10pm. ABC must also be comparing scripted only to last year’s overall averages.  Because with the 18-49 ratings for “The Forgotten,” and “Eastwick” (and now “Ugly Betty”) there seems little chance that ABC improved scripted programming at 10pm vs. scripted at 10pm last year.

At today’s TCA session ABC’s Steve McPherson refuted the numbers tossed out by NBC’s Jeff Gaspin on Sunday, who said ABC was down at 10pm verus last year’s 10p Monday-Friday performance.

“We’re up 8 to 10 percent,” said McPherson today.

But, Gaspin was  right.  A little number crunching smacktalk is fun though.  Via NBC:

See below for the data that Jeff Gaspin correctly cited during NBC’s TCA session.  Jeff was referring to the quarter’s “live plus same day” averages, but the story is very similar in “L+7” averages, which are now in from Nielsen for the quarter, with NBC giving up 1.2 rating points and CBS and ABC showing no gains.

Mon-Fri 10 p.m. Averages, 4Q, Live Plus Same Day

Net…18-49 Rtg
NBC 08…2.5
NBC 09…1.6

CBS 08…2.9
CBS 09…2.8

ABC 08…2.3
ABC 09…2.2

Mon-Fri 10 p.m. Averages, 4Q, Live Plus 7 Day

Net…18-49 Rtg
NBC 08…2.9
NBC 09…1.7

CBS 08…3.3
CBS 09…3.3

ABC 08…2.6
ABC 09…2.6

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