Have I reminded you lately about how much I love Sons of Anarchy?  There’s an extra-long 90 minute episode tonight and I can’t wait.  But, nobody sent me a screener so,  I will wait with the rest of you.  I’m not complaining I’d rather watch it in high definition on the big screen anyway!

But while I bide my time until 10pm, last week Sons of Anarchy was again the highest rated scripted show with adults 18-49 on the cable networks.  It was edged out by the Monday Night Football game and WWE RAW to come in third place overall on cable with adults 18-49 for the week ending November 8, 2009.

With 2.320 million adults 18-49, SOA edged out media whores Kate Gosselin (Kate: Her Story averaged 2.301 million adults 18-49) and the Kardashians (Keeping Up With Kardashians averaged 2.19 million adults 18-49).   I know what you’re thinking “You’re just saying that because you love Sons Of Anarchy so MUCH! The media whores’ shows hardly cost anything to make!”

Ok, fair enough.

It also beat out the controversial South Park episode, “The F-Word” where the boys wind up lobbying to have the definition of “fags” changed to mean loud, annoying and inconsiderate Harley Davidson motorcycle riders.  The episode hit season highs with adults 18-49 for South Park with 1.985 million.

What about Mad Men’s excellent season 3 finale?   It didn’t make the top 50 with adults 18-49.  The problem with Mad Men is that most of its viewers can remember the period the show is covering.  Sunday’s finale averaged 2.323 million, but only 1.118 million, or 48% of them were aged 18-49.   Sons of Anarchy had  66% of its viewers in the adults 18-49 demo (2.32 million out of 3.516 million).

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