Lots of “ratings were down because of new moon” comments in our Thursday ratings post. And while reports are that the movie will be doing very well at the box office, there were nearly as many people watching television in the main adult demo groups last night as there were last Thursday.

Thursday 11/19 vs. Thursday 11/12 primetime averages (8-11pm)

Adults 18-34: 32.6% watching TV vs. 34.3% (down 1.7%)

Adults 18-49: 36.5% watching TV vs. 37.9% (down 1.4%)

More likely the decline in broadcast network viewing was due to some viewers being siphoned off by the NFL Network’s Dolphins/Panthers game. Last Thursday’s game drew about 4 million average viewers. No word yet on last night’s game ratings, but they are likely to be somewhat similar.

Update: Robert agrees with the spirit of the post above, but not the letter of it.

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