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Status The Cancel Bear pick
Mulaney canceled correct
Gracepoint canceled correct
Red Band Society canceled correct
Weird Loners canceled correct
Backstrom canceled correct
The Following canceled correct
The Mindy Project canceled miss
Glee final season n/a
Bones renewed correct
Bob’s Burgers renewed correct
New Girl renewed correct
Sleepy Hollow renewed push
Brooklyn Nine-Nine renewed correct
The Last Man on Earth renewed correct
The Simpsons renewed correct
Empire renewed correct
Gotham renewed correct
Family Guy renewed correct

The Syndication Gods Abandon Their Guarantee For Third Party Productions!

The Syndication Gods abandoned the Cancel Bear (and Mindy fans) as The Mindy Project became the first show with 66 episodes in three seasons to be canceled without a fourth season since 2006. As this was written, there’s chatter that Mindy may live on elsewhere, but regardless, the Cancel Bear’s “Guarantee of the Syndication Gods” will no longer apply to shows produced by an outside studio (like Mindy is produced by NBCU). For outside produced shows, it will henceforth be the “Strong Suggestion of the Syndication Gods”.

Mindy was the only Fox prediction miss for the bear this season, although he pushed on Sleepy Hollow as it was renewed while the bear had it as a “toss up”.

The Cancel Bear’s Fox 2014-15 record 15-1-1.

With that the bear heads to his den for a long summer’s nap. Fear not, he’ll be back on the hunt in mid-September.

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