I spoke with Michael Starr at the NY Post today about my earlier item on the fact that there are now more TV sets in the US than there are people.

He asked me what I thought had caused that to happen. In the moment, I didn’t have anything worked out nicely to support my guess, but as Robert knows I am often wrong, but never in doubt. I guessed it was the twin trends of declining household size (for a variety of reasons), combined with increasing television ownership, likely because the inflation adjusted cost of the average television set has gone down.

After I was off the call, I found the numbers and put together this chart. Lucky for me the trends looked like I hoped they would. As it turns out, we crossed the “more TVs than people” threshold in 2005.


Although I still don’t have any information on the inflation adjusted cost of the mythical average television set, I’d love to hear from someone who does.

All the data is from the latest Nielsen Television Audience Report.

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