As part of our Survival Kit For The Renewal & Cancellation Season, here’s a reposting of another one of our all time favorites, the TV Fan’s Five Stages Of Grief!

Reading the comments on our site, and others, from fans of cancelled or at risk shows seems to follow a pattern similar to that described by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, so with apologies to Dr. Kübler-Ross, I created the:

The TV Fan’s Five Stages Of Grief

  1. Denial – “The show’s fine, it won’t be cancelled”; “They’d never cancel a show with a squinty jillion average viewers that wins its timeslot”; “They’d never cancel a show from JJ Abrams”; “The network executives love this show”
  2. Anger – “Why this show? It’s not fair, when reality crap continues to get renewed!”; “How can this happen to my show? “; “The morons who run the network are to blame!”
  3. Bargaining – “If they cancel this show, I’ll never watch anything on this network again!”; “If we send them bags of crap/sign internet petitions/barrage them with emails/perform other goofy stunts it will save the show!” “Netflix will save it!”
  4. Depression – “I’m so sad, why should I ever start watching a new TV show again?”; “If every show I ever like gets cancelled… What’s the point?”; “Maybe I should just stick to DVDs of old shows”
  5. Acceptance – “It’s going to be okay, it’s had a good run of seasons”; “At least we got the story wrapped up, unlike lots of other shows”.
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