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This is the final week of Renew / Cancel Index posts for the season, and since the fate of all the current broadcast shows should be known by the coming weekend, so as is our custom, we play Oddsmakers (hat tip, PTI) with our final renewal chance guesses of the season.

Check back during the week, the status of each show will be updated as we learn the news.

Our final guesses of RENEWAL chances:

Status Tom Shaw The Cancel Bear
Mulaney canceled
Gracepoint canceled
Red Band Society canceled
Glee final season
Weird Loners canceled 5/8 0% 0%
Backstrom canceled 5/8 0% 0%
The Following canceled 5/8 15% 10%
Bones renewed 5/8 70% 65%
The Mindy Project canceled 5/6 100% 100%
Family Guy renewed 100% 100%
Bob’s Burgers renewed
New Girl renewed
Sleepy Hollow renewed
Brooklyn Nine-Nine renewed
The Last Man on Earth renewed
The Simpsons renewed
Empire renewed
Gotham renewed

The late season dive in Bones ratings has sapped almost all the confidence the Cancel Bear had in his renewal prediction. It’s all down to expensive stars signing new deals on a show with low ratings.

The bear missed one Fox prediction last season (The Mindy Project renewal). He’s already pushed on Sleepy Hollow this season, which was renewed while a “toss up”.

As you’ll see in all the Oddsmakers posts, the cancellation bear and Tom Shaw (Bubble Watch) are boringly similar in all but one show’s prediction (it’s an NBC show).

To those who claim “You never make an up or down call!”, please take all of my guesses above 50% as thumbs up, and below 50% as thumbs down with their distance from 50% being my level of confidence.

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