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ABC: Are V’s Visitors Ready To Move Out?

CBS: Did Nina Tassler Guarantee All CSI’s Would Be Renewed? Of Course Not

CW: Say Goodbye To Life Unexpected

Fox: Will “Fringe Friday” Bring Hope Or Not?

NBC: The Cape’sProspects Dwindle

Spring is here, and more new shows will be added to the Renew / Cancel Index posts in the coming weeks.

The spring Renew / Cancel Index and its prognostications will use only the ratings for shows aired on 1/3/11 and later.

Why do that?

In previous seasons, comparing the season ratings averages for shows that began in the spring to those that began in the fall proved a bit apples to oranges because the overall lowered spring ratings (partially caused by Daylight Savings Time as well as a variety of reasons) tended to understate the position of shows that began in the fall. When tested on last season’s ratings, beginning a new Index after New Year’s seemed to correct that apples to oranges comparison problem.

Here are links to how all the shows were looking at the end of the Fall (through 1/2/11):

Click the links above for the final Renew/Cancel Index using fall 2010 ratings.

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