Click the links above for the final Renew/Cancel Index using fall 2010 ratings.

Because so many of the fall’s new shows ratings started high and fell fast, the current Renew / Cancel Index gives a bit too optimistic a take on several shows relative prospects right now. That’ll all change next week . Take a good look at this week’s tables, it’s the last time you’ll see Renew / Cancel Index using Fall 2010 ratings.

Starting next week and going forward, the new Renew / Cancel Index tables will use only the ratings for shows on 1/3/11 and later.

Why do that?

In previous seasons, comparing the season ratings averages for shows that began in the spring to those that began in the fall proved a bit apples to oranges because the overall lowered spring ratings (partially caused by Daylight Savings Time as well as a variety of reasons) tended to understate the position of shows that began in the fall. When tested on last season’s ratings, beginning a new Index after New Year’s seemed to correct that apples to oranges comparison problem.

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