Spring is here, and we’re looking forward to the ratings and what they mean to your favorite shows. Click the links above for the latest Renew/Cancel Indexes using spring 2011 ratings.

Beginning this week, the new Renew / Cancel Index and its prognostications will use only the ratings for shows aired on 1/3/11 and later.

Why do that?

In previous seasons, comparing the season ratings averages for shows that began in the spring to those that began in the fall proved a bit apples to oranges because the overall lowered spring ratings (partially caused by Daylight Savings Time as well as a variety of reasons) tended to understate the position of shows that began in the fall. When tested on last season’s ratings, beginning a new Index after New Year’s seemed to correct that apples to oranges comparison problem.

Because not all shows have generated ratings for the second half of the season yet, several shows will have “pending” status for a bit.  ABC ran originals all week, so we have a full slate of data for ABC.  But on Monday ABC announced renewals of six shows we were predicting renewal for anyway.   That should (but likely won’t) end all the talk in the comments about how Cougar Town should be canceled due to bad retention despite having decent absolute ratings.  Cougar Town’s status is now renewed.

If you can’t stand waiting for the ratings for those shows with “pending” status, you can always check out the final fall roundups for each network:

Click the links above for the final Renew/Cancel Index using fall 2010 ratings.

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