Update January 28, 2009: It’s too late to get the glasses mailed to you buy calling the number listed in the press release. Obviously they are being sold on EBay and elsewhere, but if you haven’t given up hope of getting your mitts on the glasses for free, here’s a separate post with a list of participating retailers per Sobe where you can hopefully obtain a pair.

Finally have your glasses?  You don’t have to wait for the Super Bowl and Chuck to play with them.

Updated: video of the commercial is below, and here is the official NBC press release on the 3D event and glasses (including info on how to obtain the glasses if your local retailer runs out of them).

There seems to be enough interest in this that I figured I would just do a separate post. I’m not sure if there’s anything 3D in the Super Bowl other than the Monsters vs. Aliens trailer, but I finally watched the commercial that’s been airing in the playoffs for the 3D glasses. According to the ad they will be available at Pepsi and Sobe displays at your favorite retailer, though all that’s displayed in the commercial is a Sobe display that definitely gives Chuck some promotion!

I snapped a screenshot of the commercial with my iPhone, which is not equipped with the greatest of digital cameras, but if you look closely you can see the Chuck promotion.

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