We got the Monsters vs. Aliens trailer, the SoBe lizards and the Chuck promo right after the first half and none of them held a candle on a 61″ big screen in HD to the snake demo in full screen mode on a 24″ monitor when it came to the 3D effects.

Please note, I’m only commenting on the 3D effects and not the commercials themselves. I thought the SoBe commercial was OK and it made me laugh (and there were some noticeable 3D effects, especially in terms of depth), Monsters vs. Aliens is one of a few movies I’ll actually watch in the theater this year and as for Chuck, I might be a little too biased towards Yvonne Strahovski, but I thought that promo had the best effect in terms of stuff popping out of the screen.

None of it held a candle to Bruce Springsteen’s halftime show, but the very brief earlier promo of the Chuck 3-D episode, featuring Chuck (and Sarah) in 1-D was cute.


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