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ABC and CBS were in a virtual dead heat for the adults 18-49 ratings average for the ninth week of the primetime broadcast season, with ABC edging CBS by a hundredth of a ratings point. Although, since most ratings averages are reported to a single significant digit in the press you will likely see it reported as “tied”. NBC and Fox were neck and neck for third on the week. CBS won the average viewership title for the week.

Due to delays in Nielsen’s weekly ratings data this week, we didn’t get weekly averages for adults 18-34 and 25-54. We should see them again next week.

Note that the chart includes RATINGS not VIEWERSHIP as was typical in our weekly network ratings posts prior to July, 2009.

You can see past week’s broadcast network primetime weekly TV ratings results here.

Each rating point is a percentage of the US TV population in that demographic group and equals: 2.90 million viewers, 1.32 million adults 18-49, 0.68 million adults 18-34 and 1.24 million adults 25-54.

Sadly, we will no longer be having a Tiny Network Showdown! since MyNetworkTV ratings averages are not being reported by Nielsen, since they are no longer classed as a network but are now a “programming service”.

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