Not the most interesting week of cable viewing, and then #13 Oklahoma State being upset by Oregon in the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl led all cable airings averaging 6.22 million viewers. iCarly, WWE Raw and LSU’s 38-3 beatdown of Georgia Tech in the Chick-fil-A Bowl rounded out the top five. True Jackson VP on Saturday night and an hour of SpongeBob on Sunday scored well for Nickelodeon, and NCIS continues to perform well on USA.

Leverage fans – the show is well off its premiere numbers, but still managed 3.772 million last Tuesday to rank 19th for the week. A rare appearance by the History Channel in the top 20, but it’s Armageddon Week on History (I am not making this up!) and the two hour Nostradamus: 2012 documentary ranked 15th, averaging 3.877 million during its initial airing on Sunday. It airs again this Thursday (1/8) at 8pm if you missed it and would rather watch tales of our impending doom than the BCS Championship game. Here’s History’s description of the documentary:

Nostradamus: 2012

In 2012, a rare and possibly Earth-shattering astrological alignment is due to occur that will precipitate a cataclysmic event. Whatever is in store–a massive cosmic collision, a global environmental disaster, an Armageddon-like religious showdown, or a more subtle transformation–there have been multiple predictions from different times and cultures that December 21, 2012 will mark a major shift in the history of our planet. This explosive two-hour special seeks answers to key critical questions that may loom in just four years: Is there any modern scientific proof that such an alignment will indeed happen? Is any other compelling evidence throughout history that 2012 will be a year of unprecedented, even deadly, upheaval? We’ll look for the parallels between the nightmarish daily headlines and the 2012 prophecies from Nostradamus and others. CC HD [TVPG]

SciFi fans, I didn’t mean to forget about you, it’s just that I wound up watching the two final episodes of Stargate Atlantis before they’d ever aired, and then promptly forgot (no spoilers, but I enjoyed the finale which airs this Friday — and the very final scene was awesome for me as it involves my favorite city!). Anyway, the penultimate Stargate Atlantis pulled 1.743 million on Friday, and Sanctuary drew 1.85 million.

MTV’s spin-off of The Hills, The City drew 1.6 million in its initial airing on 12/29 at 10pm and 1.545 million at 10:30pm. The Hills had been waning, but The City drew significantly less than the 2.6ish million The Hills averaged for its most recent season.

Full Top 20 Cable Results for the week ending 01/04/2009:

Rank Shows NET DAY Time Viewers Live+SD (000)
1 OKLAHOMA ST/OREGON ESPN Tue 08:17P-11:59P 6,220
3 ICARLY NICK Sat 08:00P-08:30P 5,943
4 WWE ENTERTAINMENT USA Mon 10:00P-11:11P 5,675
5 LSU/GEORGIA TECH ESPN Wed 07:30P-11:00P 5,635
6 WWE ENTERTAINMENT USA Mon 09:00P-10:00P 4,902
7 TRUE JACKSON, VP NICK Sat 08:30P-09:00P 4,546
8 NCIS USA Mon 07:00P-08:00P 4,331
9 SPONGEBOB NICK Sun 12:30P-01:00P 4,162
10 SPONGEBOB NICK Sun 12:00P-12:30P 4,127
11 SPONGEBOB NICK Sat 12:00P-12:30P 4,112
12 SOUTH CAROLINA/IOWA ESPN Thu 11:00A-02:33P 4,093
13 NCIS USA Tue 07:00P-08:00P 3,992
14 SPONGEBOB THE MOVIE NICK Wed 12:00P-02:00P 3,919
15 NOSTRADAMUS: 2012 HIST Sun 09:00P-11:00P 3,877
16 THE NANNY EXPRESS HALL Sat 09:00P-11:00P 3,557
17 ICARLY NICK Sat 01:30P-02:00P 3,828
18 ICARLY NICK Sat 01:00P-01:30P 3,779
19 LEVERAGE TNT Tue 10:00P-11:00P 3,772
20 SPONGEBOB NICK Sat 11:30A-12:00P 3,760

Nielsen Ratings Data: ©2009 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved

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