Our friend Jennifer Goodwin at Watch With Kristin has the scoop about Caprica’s premiere:

Apparently the two-hour Caprica prequel film will not be broadcast (on Sci Fi Channel) until the whole series launches in 2010, but eager fans can buy it early as a DVD or digital download beginning April 21 of this year. The series proper, currently scheduled for a 22-episode first season, will launch in 2010.

So while the premiere and the series won’t air on TV until next year, fans can grab the pilot well before then. My guess is it’s a fairly highly downloaded on the bit torrent circuit, but it will be interesting to see how the DVD does. DVDs of movies from SciFi channel shows have been released on DVD ages before they aired on TV (Stargate: The Ark of the Truth and Continuum for example), but I don’t ever remember a series being kicked off in similar fashion. While the Battlestar Galactica miniseries in 2003 aired well before season one in fall 2004, it aired on TV first, and it was the mini-series that resulted in a series pickup. With the prequel, Caprica, they’re already committed to a full season, so it’s an interesting approach.

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