It’s baaaaaaack. Finally! I don’t really mind when a show like LOST goes off the air for months, but then returns with a complete season. I actually also don’t really mind the latest cable network craze of breaking up shows into two part seasons. Whether it be Battlestar Galactica or Burn Notice which returns at 10pm this Thursday January 22.

Though I’m not a huge fan of the practice, I’m not among the growing minions of bloggers who whine about it. I figure the networks can respond with “Hey, we could dole out a meager 13 episodes per season as happens with many cable shows or you can quit your whining about the split-season and love that you are getting more than 13 episodes!”

So I’m shutting up and loving that I’m getting more than 13 episodes! I don’t know if the practice is efficient in that the nets have to wind up promoting the shows twice, but hey, I’ll take 20 episodes over 13 (at least in the case of Battlestar Galactica) with a smile any day.

Anyway, Burn Notice. It’s back! And of course it picks up right where it left off. I’ve sung the praises of this show several times before and after watching the screener for Thursday’s episode I am still singing the praises. For one, as ever, it’s just a plain old fun romp. Secondly, after Dexter, it has the best use of narrative. I really enjoy the Michael Westin (played by Jeffrey Donovan) narratives:

When you’re a spy, you learn to live with the idea of people wanting you dead. An old enemy, a dissatisfied employer, a disgruntled asset. Work long enough and the line to kill you gets pretty long. Still, getting blown up isn’t really something you get used to.

So begins the new episode of Burn Notice that airs this Thursday. A blog post doesn’t really do justice to the narrative, but here’s another snippet that is pretty much spoiler free.

In covert work, you try to make friends with the bad guy. But…sometimes you just can’t pull it off. Once it’s clear you’re not going to be friends, you have to resolve the situation quickly and as cleanly as possible. Sometimes, you can’t pull that off either.

Battlestar Galactica’s Tricia Helfer returns in a recurring role of Carla and has a couple of more lines in this episodes than she usually seems to have.

Burn Notice is a procedural show with a longer overarching story arc. But, even if you have never seen the show before, you can pick right up on Thursday with “previously on Burn Notice”. You might be missing some details, but you can still enjoy the show without missing much. Or, you can try to play catchup (at least with season two) via Hulu.

I couldn’t find a preview clip that I could embed (I find that much more annoying than USA breaking up the season into two parts), but you can click over to USA’s site for a preview of Thursday’s episode.

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