from a Broadcasting & Cable interview with Jimmy Fallon:

Have you been watching the ratings?

I really don’t want to hear about them. I know we had the big number after the president was on Leno. But I try not to look for them.

You know no one believes you when you say that, right?

Yeah. But I really don’t. [Ratings] wouldn’t make me change my show either way right now.

A lot of people are watching your ratings. For instance, I’m getting numbers from Kimmel’s people more often since you started.

Good for them. Someone cares about it. I don’t.

Chances that Jimmy Fallon actually has seen the ratings, follows the ratings regularly and cares about the ratings? I’d probably have them at around 100%.   Though I do believe him when he says that the ratings would not impact how the show is made at this point.   But in the end, the show has his name on it — there’s no way he isn’t following the ratings!

I have not noticed receiving more data and numbers about Jimmy Kimmel from ABC than we did before Fallon went on the air, but we’re just receiving the press releases (though we are definitely receiving ALL of ABC’s press releases) and nobody at ABC is working us directly to pump up Kimmel.

For what it’s worth, Kimmel says he is not a fan of the ratings either.

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