I could’ve been at Wonder Con, and had I known that the cast of Chuck was going to be there, I’d probably have taken a “screw blogging!” day or even live blogged from the convention.  But noooooo, I’m an idiot!  Fortunately, Patrick Lee isn’t, and he did a post on SciFi Wire that talks about something near and dear to our hearts.  Chuck’s prospects for renewal.   Josh Schwartz seems as optimistic as our renew/cancel index (which doesn’t include last Monday’s performance, where it dipped among adults 18-49).

Schwartz maintains a positive attitude about a third-season pickup for the series, which has won critical praise but has seen lackluster ratings. “The network has been incredibly supportive of the show, and there’s a lot of internal support for the show,” Schwartz said. “Creatively, they’re really happy with the show. They recognize the challenges of the time period we’re in and all of the sort of hiatus impediments that have been thrown in our way. So I think, you know, on that level it’s very positive. But, you know, we still have several more months to go, and … it’s very competitive, [up against ABC’s] Dancing With the Stars this year. Will Jewel out-dance Denise Richards? I know that I can’t wait. And Jewel’s husband also, go with the soft shoe, he’s in there. Yeah, yeah. So, um, so you know, I think we feel very, very optimistic, and we feel really, really good about the show creatively, and I think you know, everything that we can control, we feel very good about.”

Is there a ratings number the show has to hit in the final episodes of the season? “If there is a threshold number, we have not heard it yet,” Schwartz said, adding: “NBC’s been very good about [renewing] the shows that they love based on creativity alone.”

Apparently Mr. Schwartz isn’t sold on our index!

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