ABC has already canceled Life on Mars, but in the post-Jericho apocalyptic world (at least for network TV executives) that is internet TV fandom it comes as no surprise that fans have begun efforts to “Save Our Show”.

We know that that they have already begun to work through the standard checklist of the dead show struggle:

  • Sign a petition, check!
  • Spam comments on the forums, check!
  • Create a “Save our Show” fansite, check!

They asked for us make a post on their efforts, but I don’t believe in supporting such efforts. They are a waste of time (although everyone needs a hobby!), and they unrealistically raise people’s hopes. Certain sites (several linked in our blogroll) prey upon the grasping hopes of desperate fans. We do not.

However, just to make sure LOM fans get the most out of their new hobby, here’s the rest of the checklist to make sure you’ve covered every possible angle (they’ve all worked before!):

  • Harangue all other possible broadcast and cable networks to take your show. (Scrubs, Law & Order: CI)
  • Badger DirecTV to take out its checkbook to subsidize your show. (Friday Night Lights)
  • Ask the show producers to make a crazy cheap deal to keep the show on ABC (‘Til Death)
  • Send various bits of flotsam reminiscent of the show to the executives at ABC (peanuts, Jericho)
  • Spend every penny you have on DVDs of the show (Family Guy, Futurama)*

But, above all, have fun! Because that’s what hobbies are supposed to all be about.

*Thanks to commenter dave for reminding me!

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