Aaron Barnhart of TV Barn takes an extensive look at the March local ratings for the Kansas City DMA:

I’ve had a chance to look at the March 2009 ratings, and three things are clear: (1) Kansas City TV watchers love that March Madness, (2) it’s never been more true that local newscasts are only as popular as the programs immediately preceding them, and (3) America’s long love affair with Oprah Winfrey is ending … if America’s 31st-largest market is any sign.


But certainly here in KC, the March ratings “sweep” offered fresh evidence that viewers have begun to look for alternatives to the queen of daytime. 


Beating Oprah’s repeats, as many stations across the country did last summer, only proved that people don’t like watching repeats. Beating Oprah’s originals, however, is a sign that people no longer like watching Oprah.

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