Hotly anticipated by Joss Whedon fans, Fox’s upcoming Dollhouse has a unique set.

From the LA Times:

In the show, the 25,000-square-foot, two-story structure, unusually elaborate for a TV production, sits 10 stories below a Los Angeles high-rise, hiding its residents from the outside world. At once a Utopian spa and an illegal prison, the dollhouse is as much a player in the mystery thriller as Echo ( Eliza Dushku), the central character. Echo and the other “Actives” live there between assignments that require them to be anything the clients of the underground organization want them to be. Before each job, they are imprinted with a new personality, and afterward, their memories are wiped clean.

Dollhouse’s set by the Numbers:

Size: 25,000 square feet

Total Cost: $950,000

Time to construct: 6 weeks

Cost of set decoration: $130,000

Stage number on Fox lot: 19

Year that Firefly, Whedon’s last Friday night show on Fox, was cancelled: 2002

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