Bill and Robert have both stated on several occasions that they don’t follow pilot prospects very closely, or at all. But from the comments, several people, myself included, are very interested. So here are some handy links to each network’s pilots:

ABC – 28 Total, 12 Drama, 14 Comedy (7 single-cam, 7 multi-cam), 2 Reality
CBS – 25 Total, 11 Drama, 8 Comedy (7 multi-cam, 1 “hybrid”), 6 Reality
CW – 7 Total, 6 Drama, 1 Reality
FOX – 11 Total, 5 Drama, 6 Comedy (3 single-cam, 3 multi-cam) (Plus at least one reality not reported by TFC)
NBC – 12 Total, 6 Drama, 5 Comedy (3 single-cam, 2 multi-cam), 1 Reality

Total: 83 pilots, 73 scripted (either two have been scrapped already, or two have been added since the LA Times article reported 71, but it’s more likely that two have been scrapped.)

Here’s my best guess for how many shows each network will pick up, including midseason shows. (This is total conjecture and not based on any actual information.)

ABC: 7 dramas, 5 comedies, 2 realities
CBS: 3 dramas, 2 comedies, 3 realities (They will probably hold the reality shows for summer)
CW: 5 dramas, 1 reality (Unless they come up with some more reality, in which case, that’ll get picked up as well.)
FOX: 4 dramas, 5 comedies (They really need more pilots, plus some reality.)
NBC: 4 dramas, 3 comedies, 1 reality

Personally, I’m really hopeful for next season. Not so much on a ratings front. I’m sure next season will look at least close to as horrible as this season. But I’m hopeful as a fan. It’s been a while since I had a show I could obsess about. As much as almost all obsessed fans are annoying, I miss being one of them. 😉

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