Remember last week when American Idol ran about 8 minutes long, only it wasn’t planned?  So if you recorded Idol or Fringe with normal settings it cut off too early?

I’ve had pretty good luck with my DVR program guide automatically being updated and adjusting accordingly when there are planned overruns.  But last week’s eight minute overrun wasn’t planned, and so my DVR program guide didn’t automatically update.  Idol has typically been scheduled with only one minute of deliberate overrun, so many people were caught off guard by seven minutes or so for both shows.

FOX will say stuff like “these things happen with live events, and while we try to blah, blah, blah…”   I believe them too. Accidents can happen, and things don’t always go according to plans with American Idol. I buy that.  But I also buy that despite a vocal DVR crowd going berzerk about it on the Internet last week, FOX doesn’t likely have a problem with creating the following unintentional subliminal message:

“If you watch American Idol, watch it live! Not on DVR! Or you might miss something!  If you watch Fringe, watch it live!  Not on DVR! You might miss something!  If you watch anything, watch it live! Not on DVR! You might miss something!”

But you can show FOX that it isn’t the boss of you.   Fearful of American Idol overruns in general, I had already set up my  DVR to record all new episodes of Fringe automatically and to record 15 minutes past the scheduled end time.  Just in case of events like what happened last week.

I’m not paranoid that FOX is out to get me and I am immune to the “watch it live! you might miss something!” whether deliberate or unintentional.  But between potential overruns and the potential that my DVR programming guide could miss any planned overruns , it was just the better safe than sorry move.

I do that sort of thing with several of the series I automatically record.  Unfortunately, if you only have a one tuner DVR, this might be a problem if you were also planning on recording something at 10pm ET/PT on Tuesday nights.

But for me, with  a two-tuner DVR, and, at least in the case of Fringe, where I’m not recording any Tuesday night shows that start at 10pm, it’s the safe move.  Most DVRs have fairly easy settings for modifying series recording setups to automatically record longer than the scheduled end time.  If you record any show that follows American Idol,  and automatically extending the recoring time doesn’t create any recording conflicts for you, it’s the safest approach.

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