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Will the season finale be closed-ended just in case you don’t get a pickup, or are you operating on the assumption there will be a third season?

Friedman: Well, I’m always optimistic. I wrote the finale the way that I was planning on writing the finale for a long time. I think there were things that we’ve been building to all season, and you owe the audience that’s been watching the show kind of a logical conclusion to the things that you’ve been building towards. Everyone says, “Well, fans get really upset if a show gets canceled and things are left hanging.” But fans get upset if a show gets canceled. I think fans also get upset when you write a crappy finale. So I think that you have to try to write the best finale you can, providing closure to the stories that you’re telling, but if I tried to kind of sum up every single thing in 43 minutes, it would be a disaster. I think you’d end up with like a clip show. Hopefully it’s going to be something that feels satisfying for people who’ve watched all year and also certainly lets you know where we would be going in a third season.

What do you see are the advantages and disadvantages of your new Friday-night timeslot?

Friedman: Well, the advantage I see is that we were getting our asses kicked on Monday night. So I’m happy to move to Fridays. It was crowded on Mondays, and I think Friday gives Fox an opportunity to promote us together with Dollhouse, which seems like a pretty exciting show. I think that it’s an opportunity for a fresh start, and we have a lot of great episodes in the back nine. I don’t think anyone really knows what to expect in this environment, so I feel good about it.

Does Fox have different expectations for your show’s performance?

Friedman: You know, I haven’t really talked to them about numbers or anything. I think Fox has been very open to seeing what happens. I think they’re excited by the possibility, but I haven’t really talked to them about it. I think just generally statistically, Friday night has obviously been a lower ratings night, which is good and bad. I think it’s good in that you have a different set of expectations, but I don’t know exactly what they are. …

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