San Francisco Chronicle critic and TV columnist Tim Goodman is starting the “Dear networks, please renew!” lobbying early:

So let’s make this easy: Dear Fox, TNT and ABC. Please renew “Lie to Me,” “Trust Me” and “Life on Mars.” These are high-quality shows. They are entertaining. Better yet, from a critical standpoint, they are meeting their potential – trending up, if you will. All of this despite your current or near-future tinkering.

To wit:

— “Lie to Me” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox but shifts to 8 p.m. on March 4. Let’s hope the fans figure that out.

— “Trust Me” follows cable’s most popular series, “The Closer,” and there’s a gigantic drop-off of viewers from there, making the meager numbers of “Trust Me” all the more glaring. But those shows are not compatible. It’s a programming mistake; this series needs to be nurtured in the appropriate spot, not penalized for failing to hold onto viewers from TNT’s highest-rated show.

— “Life on Mars” had a nearly two-month gap between its seventh and eighth episodes – and when it came back it was on a different night.

So far, things are looking really good for Lie To Me, but admittedly that is before it changes time slots.  Things were already turning south for  Life on Mars, and last Wednesday, things took a turn for the worse.

It’s much harder for us to handicap cable show renewals but as Goodman notes, Trust Me has quite a drop off from The Closer, and perhaps worse for the week ending February 8, it was TNT’s thirteenth most watched program.  It trailed both the initial airing and a rerun of Gifted Hands: Ben Carson, Leverage,  two repeat airings of Shrek, three reruns of Law & Order and  both the Thursday night NBA game (that was the Lakers/Celtics matchup) and the NBA game pregame.

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