Below were the minor adjustments from the fast nationals to the finals with adults 18-49 ratings:

The Middle +0.1 to a 2.7

Modern Family +0.1 to a 5.1

Cougar Town +0.1 to a 3.4

Undercovers – +0.1 to a 2.1

No other changes at ABC, CBS, CW or NBC as far as 18-49 ratings go.   A couple of people wrote to chastise me for not noting that Undercovers had no lead-in in the overnight post.  Forgive me for thinking that by showing that it aired at 8pm implied it had no lead-in.  While I agree it’s tougher for a show to launch with no lead-in, even with the tenth of a ratings point improvement it strikes me as a mediocre to bad premiere when most shows only go down from their premieres.  Perhaps Undercovers will be one of the exceptions that prove the rule…

As of this post, @TravisYanan hadn’t posted his detailed coverage, but if you’re looking for the changes to viewers, you can follow him on Twitter and look for the link when he posts.

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