If there’s anyone who’d love to see Chuck renewed, it’s NBC Entertainment co-chairman, Ben Silverman.  That could be viewed as good news by Chuck fans who are on pins and needles because Silverman theoretically is in a position to save the show.  Chuck, is now performing exactly at the average adults 18-49 for all NBC shows (minus the Super Bowl), and typically networks do not cancel average performing shows.

But NBC’s situation isn’t typical.  First, the overall average is pretty low relative to ABC, CBS and FOX and then there’s the pesky issue with NBC handing over the Monday through Friday 10pm slot to Jay Leno next fall, potentially removing five hours of scripted programming from the lineup.

There’s good reason for Silverman to want to salvage Chuck.  If he doesn’t, he’ll be batting 0 for 12 with scripted shows, not counting those launched last night.  New York Magazine did a story on Silverman’s performance.  Not counting shows he worked on before becoming co-chairman of NBC Entertainment, The Biggest Loser, and The Office, or Parks & Recreation and Southland, twenty-three shows have been launched in the Silverman regime.


According to the article, fifteen of them have already been canceled, five will almost certainly be canceled, and three are still alive for now.  They have Howie Do It in the likely to be canceled pile, and that’s hard to argue with, but it wouldn’t shock me to see it come back, and they have Superstars of Dance as still alive, and it wouldn’t shock me if it wasn’t.   The other shows listed as still alive (for now!) are Celebrity Apprentice and Chuck.

The New York Magazine article has several cool charts (and one funny one) and different breakouts including scripted vs. unscripted, fastest to cancellation,  and number of episodes aired before cancellation.  Give it a look.

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