Matt Stafford WWE RAW took the top two spots, but the NFL Draft on ESPN was not far behind.  Considering that the NFL Draft had a duration of five hours and that we don’t see the hourly data, it could well be that the two most-watched hours of cable last week were the NFL Draft.

Yankees/Sawx and iCarly rounded out the top five.  In Plain Sight had one of its weaker (perhaps weakest, I didn’t check) outings.  I’m not really surprised because the season premiere didn’t seem that great.  The episode on Sunday though was much better and back to last year’s form.  We’ll see if things pick back up next week.  The debut of Jeff Goldblum on Law & Order: CI averaged 4.1 million.  Disney had some success with the movie Hatching Pete averaging over 4.1 million viewers.  Discovery appears to have a cable hit on its hands with Deadliest Catch which also averaged over 4 million viewers.

I normally don’t take requests, but am somewhat crunched for time presently, so I’m not listing any shows outside of the top twenty.  However, in a rare reversal this week I will take requests and do a table based on the first 20 requests received for airings outside the top 20 and then add it to the post.  Please note, we don’t have access to data for the premium channels (HBO, Showtime, etc). Requests are now closed and the shows have been added below.  If we do that again, please limit yourself to one request per person please.

Top twenty cable network television shows for the week ending April 26, 2009:

Rank Shows NET DAY Time Viewers Live+SD (000)
1 WWE ENTERTAINMENT USA Mon 10:00P-11:07P 5,498
2 WWE ENTERTAINMENT USA Mon 09:00P-10:00P 5,101
3 NFL DRAFT L ESPN Sat 04:00P-09:00P 5,058
4 YANKEES/RED SOX ESPN Sun 08:00P-11:22P 4,598
5 ICARLY NICK Wed 08:00P-08:30P 4,521
6 NCIS USA Mon 07:00P-08:00P 4,334
7 FOR THE LOVE OF RAY J VH1 Mon 10:00P-11:30P 4,223
8 HATCHING PETE DSNY Fri 08:00P-09:40P 4,138
9 LAW & ORDER: CI (ORIG) USA Sun 09:00P-10:00P 4,100
10 DEADLIEST CATCH DISC Tue 09:00P-10:01P 4,049
11 SPONGEBOB NICK Sat 09:30A-10:00A 3,992
12 IN PLAIN SIGHT USA Sun 10:00P-11:00P 3,969
13 SPONGEBOB NICK Sun 09:30A-10:00A 3,962
14 PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR NICK Sat 10:00A-10:30A 3,941
15 NCIS USA Mon 08:00P-09:00P 3,937
16 NCIS USA Sat 09:00P-10:00P 3,875
17 LAKERS/JAZZ TNT Thu 10:42P-01:29A 3,824
18 NCIS USA Tue 07:00P-08:00P 3,801
19 BULLS/CELTICS TNT Mon 07:07P-09:53P 3,760
20 SPONGEBOB NICK Sun 09:00A-09:30A 3,746
Other shows (based on request order, not ranked or sorted)
SOUTH PARK CMDY Wed 10:00P-10:30P 2,587
I LOVE MONEY 2 VH1 Mon 09:00P-10:00P 2,491
HILLS, THE MTV Mon 10:00P-10:30P 2,342
COLLEGE LIFE MTV Mon 10:30P-11:00P 948
RESCUE ME FX Tue 10:00P-11:03P 1,538
LAKERS/JAZZ ESPN Sat 09:00P-11:41P 3,299
INTERVENTION A&E Mon 09:00P-10:00P 1,359
GREEK FAM Mon 08:00P-09:00P 714
ROOMMATES FAM Mon 09:00P-09:30P 520
IRON MAN NICK Sun 01:00P-01:30P 1,918
IRON MAN NICK Sun 01:30P-02:00P 1,509
PISTONS/CAVALIERS TNT Tue 08:07P-10:42P 3,699
JAZZ/LAKERS TNT Tue 10:42P-01:28A 3,607
CELTICS/BULLS TNT Thu 08:07P-10:42P 3,389
PHONE, THE MTV Tue 10:00P-11:00P 920
DAISY OF LOVE VH1 Sun 09:00P-10:00P 1,950
BREAKING BAD AMC Sun 10:00P-11:00P 1,035
RW/RR THE DUEL 2 MTV Wed 10:00P-11:00P 1,798
UNSTABLE LIFE Sat 09:00P-11:00P 2,317
CHASING A DREAM HALL Sat 09:00P-11:00P 1,758

We also have weekly rankings of the top advertising supported cable networks.

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