We’re excited to begin reporting data collected by Affine Systems on the number of uploads and views for YouTube videos from major US TV news operations. Each week we will report both the number of uploads and the number of views for the news operations of the broadcast networks as well as the cable news networks and the Associated Press. We hope to enlarge the number of things tracked beyond TV news in the future if there is interest.

YouTube uploads for the week ending 2009-01-21
1. Fox News (183)
2. CNN (182)
3. ABC (170)
4. MSNBC (137)
5. CBS (52)
6. CNBC (36)
7. AP (1)

YouTube views for the week ending 2009-01-21
1. CNN (517,480)
2. ABC (451,959)
3. MSNBC (439,625)
4. Fox News (278,997)
5. CNBC (82,326)
6. CBS (62,968)
7. AP (1,696)

About this data:
These results were gathered by Affine Systems daily scans of YouTube videos. This is a new Beta service, and while the trends should be accurate, it should not be considered definitive. For more information about the process and about Affine Systems click here.

About Affine Systems:
Affine Systems is developing technology to scan and analyze online video for a wide variety of applications including search, content enhancement, recommendations and advertising. Our logo measurement product is a narrow snapshot into data we are collecting as we develop, test and explore the applications of our technology. This specific metadata is generated as a byproduct during our daily scanning of YouTube videos, and represents roughly 30 cable and broadcast logos from the thousands of detectors in our system. While the ability to detect user uploads without using fingerprints is unique, when it is coupled with the “residual” views that are measured, we believe this creates data that is not available anywhere else, and therefore we have decided to release it for further public review. This is however, a Beta product, and caveats apply. Additional news statistics are available by requesting a login from tdj@affinesystems.com

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