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Doubleheader +16%; National Game +14%

The 2009 NFL ON FOX regular-season concluded yesterday with an excellent 14.0/26 average household rating/share for a WEEK 17 DOUBLEHEADER, according to metered overnight figures released by Nielsen media research.  The strong showing is somewhat surprising for a twin-bill in which the two lead games were decided by scores of 44-7 (Giants at Vikings) and 24-0 (Eagles at Cowboys).  Yesterday’s 14.0/26 is +16% better than last year’s 12.1/24 for a Week 17 Doubleheader, coincidentally anchored both year’s the same games (Giants-Vikings early and Eagles-Cowboys late).  FOX’s NATIONAL GAME earned a 16.3/29, a +14% bump over last year’s 14.3/27 with 79% of the US seeing Eagles-Cowboys.  The REGIONAL GAME earned an 11.7/22, a stunning rating for a game in which 60% saw the Vikings rout the Giants opposite a meaningful Steelers-Dolphins game on CBS.  That 11.7/22 ties as the NFL on FOX’s second-best Regional rating of the year, behind only the Vikings-Steelers game in Week 7 (13.0/28).

FOX concludes the 2009 REGULAR SEASON with a 12.7/25 average for Sunday games in the metered markets, +6% better than both last year’s 12.0/24 on FOX and CBS’s 12.0/24 this year and tied NBC’s prime time package (12.7/20).

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