Update: ESPN advises that the network never told the shows they couldn’t talk about the games and that it was the decision of the shows themselves.  I find it hard to believe Kornheiser would pass on a chance to talk about the Yankees, even if they are competing with him at the time!  Either way, fortunately there is NO game tomorrow at 4pm eastern so you can count on them talking about both series on Tuesday. I will circle back with my source and see if I can get any more details.

I love ESPN.  I love almost everything about ESPN.   If you measured my favorite shows by actual viewing they would be the 2pm-3pm hour on ESPN made up of Around the Horn and Pardon The Interruption.  Every day they’re on, I watch them.  Bill is a huge PTI fan as well.

I noticed on Friday that neither show referenced game one of the NLCS that had aired the night before.  And I thought “that’s kind of bogus to not mention the game AT ALL just because it’s airing at the same time your show is on!”  But I also thought, “Surely they will not pull the exact same stunt on Monday when both shows air against game 3 of the ALCS final which features THE NEW YORK YANKEES!”

I was wrong.  Not a mention of the Friday night game or the ABSOLUTELY EPIC 13 INNING Saturday Angels vs. Yankees contest.  Not a peep!

But I hear that it’s not Tony Reali and the Around the Horn crew, or Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon who are sucking.  It’s that ESPN told them “you can’t talk about those games because we’re worried people will remember “oh@#%! the game is on” and turn the channel.

Update: ESPN tells me in no uncertain terms that nobody in Bristol is pressuring them to not talk about the games and that decision absolutely is the decision of the shows.  So, according to ESPN it *is* Tony Reali and crew and Kornheiser and Wilbon  and their producers who are responsible for the suckage. 

For not letting my two favorite shows talk about one of the biggest current events simply because they compete at the same time, you totally suck ESPN!  I do NOT love you for this. It’s completely bogus and you make my favorite shows LOOK bad.

And ESPN will totally cover the game during the 6pm Sports Center, so WTF!?

Sad as it is, ESPN ATH and PTI have me completely over the barrel. I mean, it’s not like I’m NOT going to be checking in on tonight’s Monday Night Football contest  and it’s not like I’m not going to watch Around The Horn and PTI tomorrow, but, it is still complete suckage on ESPN’s ATH and PTI’s part.

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