ESPN’s initial World Cup viewership is up 80% on average vs. 2006. While some of the matches (like USA/England) will be carried on ABC broadcast, I should have the viewership for each week’s matches carried on ESPN sometime on Tuesday during the tournament.

Here are the ratings for the first six matches carried on ESPN through Sunday, June 13.

Update: The original viewership numbers in the table were entirely wrong based on my error. They have been corrected.

World Cup Match Net Day Time Avg. Viewers (Live+SD (000))
ARGENTINA/NIGERIA ESPN Sat 09:21A-12:00P 3,376
SERBIA/GHANA ESPN Sun 09:25A-12:00P 2,767
URUGUAY/FRANCE ESPN Fri 02:00P-04:30P 2,724
SOUTH AFRICA/MEXICO ESPN Fri 09:25A-12:01P 2,599
ALGERIA/SLOVENIA ESPN Sun 07:00A-09:25A 1,366

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All times Eastern time zone.

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