Hoping to catch the wave of Tiger Woods boosted golf ratings, NBC will be putting the two final rounds of the US Open golf tournament in primetime on Saturday and Sunday June 19-20. It’s only the second time in history that the US Open has been shown during primetime.

While Tiger’s return to the first round of the Masters were the best ever Thursday ratings for ESPN, the final round was unable to top the ratings for Tiger’s win in 2001.

I think there are three groups of people who watch golf tournaments, and golf needs group #2 to stick around.

  1. The people who never watch, but watched this year’s Masters on Thursday to see Tiger. Those folks are now gone and absent something else wacky from Tiger, aren’t coming back.
  2. The people who watch golf only when Tiger is playing. Those folks should be back in full force and keep the ratings high, assuming Tiger is in contention over the weekend.
  3. The people who watch no matter what.
Posted by:TV By The Numbers

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