NFL football giveth TV ratings to those who pay handsomely to carry it, and it taketh away TV ratings from those who do not.

Beginning with the Cowboys-Giants kickoff game tonight* (featuring two of the NFL’s biggest ratings magnets), the 2012-13 NFL season will be doing more of both than ever before!

Bad news for most, a tiny sliver of good news for NBC:

Good news for CBS, Fox, bad news for everybody else:

  • Late Sunday afternoon national doubleheader NFL games on Fox and CBS will start at 4:25pm Eastern (vs. 4:15pm in the past). That will mean 10 minutes more NFL overrun in primetime on alternating weeks between Fox and CBS. Good news for the Fox and CBS ratings averages. Bad news for the fans of CBS Sunday night shows, who’ll have even more reason whine about their shows start times getting pushed back. And of course bad news for everybody else, who’ll have more NFL to compete with during early Sunday primetime.
Of course, better or worse primetime game matchups than last season can push things slightly one way or the other, but its hard to judge those effects before the season begins.

*that leads to the interesting question of what’s worse for your political convention ratings, a hurricane, or the ratings hurricane that will be Cowboys/Giants?

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