As a fan I want to see the Yankees rally so I get a game seven.  But as the Rangers scored 4 runs in the fifth inning to go up 5-1, in what will be the deciding game of the series if the lead holds, what I thought was: sorry Fox!   The Yankees and the Word Series are about as much ratings gold as you can ask for World Series-wise.

Fox had that good fortune last year of the Yankees in the World Series and a relatively long series (the series went 6 out of possible 7 games).    The Rangers won’t be the draw that the Yankees are, and even if a series with the Rangers goes 7 games rather than last year’s six, Fox isn’t likely to come ahead.

“Masked” is a Mets fan, but tried to play the above tweet off as about also being a New Yorker. I’m not buying it and like others, filled in the ellipses from the Fox exec’s tweet with “for our ratings.”

Last year on top of the World Series, Fox also had the Yankees in a six game ALCS.  Fox was already down 12% with adults 18-49 through last week  and a World Series with the Rangers won’t help that.    But the news isn’t all bad for Fox when it comes to year over year comparisons. Fox has the Super Bowl this year and last year it didn’t.

As I post this the Rangers are up 6-1 in the top of the 8th.  Fox isn’t the only one rooting for a dramatic comeback from the Yankees.  TBS would love to see the series go seven games.

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