We typically only see local ratings information in nuggets like this from Nielsen Wire.

The gap between local Pittsburgh Steelers TV ratings and the rest of the pack is surprisingly large. While we don’t have the rest of the list, the tightness of the 2-5 rankings suggests that the next 5-10 teams might be close behind.

In terms of television viewership, Pittsburgh, which kicked off this year’s season with Tennessee, continued to live up to its reputation as a football-crazed city, with the Steelers leading all teams in local markets ratings last season on their way to the Super Bowl. During 16 regular season games, the six-time Super Bowl champs were watched on average by 36.8% of Pittsburgh households.

Top NFL Teams in Local Viewership
RANK NFL Team Local HH Rating
2008-2009 Season
1 Pittsburgh Steelers 36.8
2 Indianapolis Colts 31.2
3 Tennessee Titans 30.5
4 Buffalo Bills 30.3
5 Green Bay Packers 29.3
Source: The Nielsen Company

More information about NFL team buzz in the same post at Nielsen Wire.

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