UPDATE: The match averaged almost 13 million viewers on ABC alone (no word yet on the Univision numbers)

The 2010 FIFA World Cup match on Saturday, June 12 between the USA and England is certain to be the most viewed soccer match in the US since the 2006 World Cup final between France and Italy, which averaged just over 17 million viewers in the US.

Robert is predicting 15 million average viewers for a close match, I think that’s optimistic for a first round match on a Saturday afternoon (the match begins at 2:30pm Eastern), Revolutionary (and/or) War of 1812 rivalries to the contrary. I’ll throw my wild guess in for an average of 11 million viewers for a close match.

What do you think? Will Americans tune in big to see their team’s opening match, or do Americans have other priorities on a summer Saturday afternoon?

What’s your guess for the average US TV viewership (combined networks) of the USA v. England World Cup match?

Feel free to argue your case in the comments, and/or address any grievances from the Battle of Yorktown or the burning of the White House. (no prizes other than TV by the Numbers bragging rights)

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