Tebow, Tebow, Tebow, Tebow, Tebow.  Are you sick of hearing about Tim Tebow yet? Tom Brady must be, but at least he can console himself with three Super Bowl rings, a Victoria’s Secret supermodel wife and just being Tom Brady! Most of us can’t do that and if Saturday night’s game is reasonably close, you can expect to hear a LOT more about Tebow (and if there is divine intervention and Denver wins…).

But will the game set TV ratings records for a divisional round Saturday night primetime playoff game?

Here are the divisional round Saturday primetime playoff results for the Saturday primetime games which have alternated between CBS and Fox since 2002. It’s sorted by total viewers for simplicity but CBS has the highs in both total viewers (2008) and adults 18-49 (2002).

Network Date Days Pgm St Time Pgm End Time LIVE+SD PER2+ (000) LIVE+SD A1849 %
CBS 1/12/2008 Sat 8:16 PM 11:03 PM 30,896 11.5
FOX 1/15/2011 Sat 8:16 PM 11:23 PM 30,817 11.2
CBS 1/16/2010 Sat 8:16 PM 11:14 PM 30,576 11.0
CBS 1/19/2002 Sat 8:05 PM 11:42 PM 28,723 11.6
FOX 1/13/2007 Sat 8:11 PM 11:21 PM 27,440 10.5
CBS 1/14/2006 Sat 8:16 PM 11:34 PM 26,254 9.8
CBS 1/10/2004 Sat 8:15 PM 11:30 PM 25,915 10.2
FOX 1/11/2003 Sat 8:22 PM 11:43 PM 24,931 10.5
FOX 1/10/2009 Sat 8:16 PM 11:18 PM 23,776 8.9
FOX 1/15/2005 Sat 8:24 PM 11:15 PM 23,700 9.6

Unless New England is winning 42-0 in the first quarter, the game certainly has a chance to set a new high and if the game is close throughout I’d expect the above numbers to get completely destroyed. Consider that the Bronco’s dramatic overtime win over the Steelers in last week’s  Wild Card game (which didn’t air in primetime throughout) was the most-watched Wildcard game ever with 42.4 million.

Throw in a divisional round game, the game beginning at 8pm and winter weather in the northeast and midwest (bad weather is almost always good for TV ratings, not that NFL really needs the assist from mother nature) and the ceiling could be…very high.  And yes, I know, 31.6 million would be Tebow-esque and also a new high, but I’m definitely thinking higher if the game is close.

How about you?



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