I’ll have our annual Super Bowl ratings and post-game show ratings posts early next week, but here are some tidbits from Fox PR ahead of time about the TV audience.

For those who can’t wait until next week, click here to see our pre -game ratings post from last year.

via Fox press note:


  • The Super Bowl has posted a rating above 40.0 for twenty straight years. The last Super Bowl to post a rating below a 40.0 was Super Bowl XXIV, 1/28/90 when San Francisco routed Denver, 55-10. The only other Super Bowls to post sub-40.0 ratings were Super Bowls II-V (the combined rating for Super Bowl I on CBS and NBC was 41.1).Twenty- four of the top-50 most-watched programs all-time are Super Bowls (see list provided).
  • The top-rated Super Bowl ever is Super Bowl XVI, 1/24/82 (49.1), when San Francisco beat Cincinnati, 26-21.
  • The last five Super Bowls averaged over 97 million viewers at any given moment.
  • Super Bowl XLIV a year ago posted a 45.0 HH rating, with a 68 share. The average audience of 106.476 million viewers eclipsed the final episode of M*A*S*H* to become the most-watched TV show ever. It was the third straight Super Bowl to set a record for average audience. Total viewership for last year‘s Super Bowl, persons 2+ watching all or part of the game, was 153.4 million.
  • Last year‘s game was the highest-rated Super Bowl since 1996 (46.0 for SB XXX featuring Dallas & Pittsburgh). It was also the highest rated program of the year in the following categories: Households (45.0); Men age 18-34 (37.6); Men 18-49 (42.1); Men 25-54 (44.6); Adults 18-34 (35.5); Adults 18-49 (38.6); Adults 25-54 (40.5).
  • Median age of Super Bowl viewers: 43.
  • The Super Bowl audience is 56% male; 44% female. The breakdown for an average regular season NFL game is 66% male; 34% female.
  • The Super Bowl retains 100% of its audience during commercials. Prime time programs retain approximately 96%.
  • The notion that Super Bowl ratings decline in the fourth quarter is a myth. Average ratings for the last 19 Super Bowls (1992-2010) increased each quarter: 1st quarter – 40.6; 2nd quarter – 42.4; 3rd quarter – 43.3; 4th quarter – 44.0.
  • This year‘s broadcast of Super Bowl XLV is being seen live and on videotape in more than 230 countries, foreign locations, military installations and venues.
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