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The debut of LIVE! with Kelly:

The 1st week of LIVE! with Kelly delivered a 3.4 HH rating and a 1.8 W25-54 rating, in an average of the metered markets.  The show is successful, improving upon last year’s time periods, and delivering strong ratings in many markets:

  • Last week’s ratings are superior to last year’s Nov 2010 time periods by +17% in HH and +29% in W25-54.
  • LIVE! with Kelly scored at least a 5.0 HH rating in 10 markets: Atlanta (5.4), Pittsburgh (5.1), Charlotte (5.0), Columbus OH (5.1), Greenville-Spart (5.7), Greensboro (5.2), New Orleans (5.9), Providence (5.3), Richmond (6.1), and Dayton (7.5).

Source: National ratings are Nielsen Galaxy Explorer, L+SD; Metered market ratings are Nielsen Wrap Overnights, L+SD

“Live!” also had a good November Sweep (which included Regis):

November sweep on LIVE:

LIVE continues to be a significant franchise for stations in its 24th season, as exemplified in a number of highlights from the metered market ratings for the recently concluded November sweep:

LIVE Ratings Increase Significantly Over Last Year

The show improves Nov 2010 time periods: +24% in HH and +36% in W25-54.

LIVE Has The Most Growth Among All Syndicated Talk Shows

Down are prominent talk shows such as Ellen, Anderson, and Dr. Oz.

LIVE Is Boosting Individual Stations Nationwide

Gains from the East (New York +28%)… to the West (Los Angeles +8%)… and everything in between.

Stations That Lose LIVE… Lose Ratings

Six of 7 stations that lost LIVE this season… have also lost ratings.

LIVE Is Now The #1 Talk Show

LIVE delivers the highest ratings of all syndicated talk shows, in an average of all airings in the metered markets.

We should see final numbers for Regis’ last week (and last day) tomorrow (12/1) and I’ll include a note in the regular weekly syndicated ratings post for the week of Nov 14-20.

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