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Interesting Variety article about Oprah’s effect on music sales. Similar to her effect on book sales, but no “music club” is planned.

If, as current conventional wisdom maintains, “TV is the new radio” in terms of influencing record sales, then “The Oprah Winfrey Show” is the equivalent of a 100,000-watt Mexican border radio station.

This fall, Winfrey’s popular afternoon talker, which claims an average daily viewership of 6.2 million, played a key role in sending new CD titles to the top slot of the U.S. album charts.


In mid-October, Canadian vocalist Michael Buble’s album “Crazy Love” debuted at No. 1 with 132,000 copies sold in just three days. His label, Warner Bros., had moved the release up to Oct. 9 to coincide with Buble’s appearance on Winfrey’s telecast.

“Oprah is the one thing everyone wants,” he adds. “If you get that call back from her production people, my God, it’s the Holy Grail.”

via Variety.

My second choice for the headline was “Oprah = 100.000 watt Mexican Border Radio Station”.

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